AWS E6013 & E6011 & E7016 & E7018 & E7024 Carbon Steel Welding Electrode for All Position

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Product Details

Carbon steel welding electrode: tensile strength of deposited metal not more than 500 MPa.

Application: welding of carbon steel and low alloy steel of low intensity.

Certification: ABS BV CE GL DNV LR CCS ISO.



Products list:

Brand name




AWS E6011


5kg/box, 20kg/carton, 1000kg/pallet. Or as required

E6011 Welding electrodes are designed to be used with ac current and to duplicate the usability characteristics and mechanical properties of the E6010 classification. Although also usable with deep (electrode positive), a decrease in joint penetration will be noted when compared to the E6010 electrodes. Arc action, slag, and fillet weld appearance are similar to those of the E6010 electrodes.

AWS E6013


5kg/box, 20kg/carton, 1000kg/pallet. Or as required

E6013 electrodes, although very similar to the E6012 electrodes, have distinct differences. Their flux covering makes slag removal easier and gives a smoother arc transfer than E6012 electrodes. This is particularly the case for the small diameters 1/16 in, 5/64 in, and 3/32 in (1.6mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm). This permits satisfactory operation with lower open-circuit ac voltage. E6013 electrodes were designed specifically for light sheet metal work. However, the larger diameters are used on many of the same applications as E6012 electrodes and provide low penetrating arc. The smaller diameters provide a less penetrating arc than is obtained with E6012 electrodes. This may result in incomplete penetration in fillet welded joints.

AWS E7016


5kg/box, 20kg/carton, 1000kg/pallet. Or as required

E7016 electrodes have all the characteristics of E7015 electrodes, plus the ability to operate on ac. The core wire and coverings are very similar to those of E7015, except for the use of a potassium silicate binder or other potassium salts in the coverings to facilitate their use with ac. Most of the preceding discussion on E7015 electrodes applies equally well to E7016 electrodes. 

AWS E7018


5kg/box, 20kg/carton, 1000kg/pallet. Or as required

E7018 electrode coverings are similar to E7015 coverings, except for the addition of a relatively high percentage of iron powder. The coverings on these elecrodes are slightly thicker than those of the E7016 electrodes. E7018 low-hydrogen electrodes can be used with either ac or dcep. They are designed for the same applications as the E7016 electrodes. As is common with all low-hydrogen electrodes, a short arc length should be maintained at all times. In addition to their use on carbon steel, the E7018 electrodes are also used for joints involving high-strength, high-carbon, or low-alloy steels. The fillet welds made in the horizontal and flat welding positions have a slightly convex weld face, with a smooth and finely rippled surface. The electrodes are characterized by a smooth, quiet arc, very low  spatter, and medium arc penetration. E7018 electrodes can be used at high travel speeds.

AWS E7024


5kg/box, 20kg/carton, 1000kg/pallet. Or as required

AWS E7024 electrode coverings contain large amounts of iron powder in combination with ingredients similar to those used in E6012 and E6013 electrodes. The coverings on E7024 electrodes are very thick and usually amount to about 50% of the weight of the electrode, resulting in higher deposition efficiency. The E7024 electrodes are well suited for making fillet welds in the flat or horizontal position. The weld face is slightly convex to flat, with a very smooth surface and a very fine ripple. These electrodes are characterized by a smooth, quiet arc, very low spatter, and low arc penetration. They can be used with high travel speeds. Electrodes of these classification can be operated on ac, decp, or dcen.

Top Features

· High deposition rates 

· Smooth bead appearance 

· Minimal spatter

· Shallow penetration

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