AWS E6010 & E6018 & E6024 & E7015 & E7024 Mild Steel Welding Electrode for All Position

1. Stable arc, less splash
2. Shaped good appearance
3. Easy for removal of slag layer
4. Easy for striking arc and restriking arc.
5. Operable with low amperages on sheet metal
6. Slag control accommodates vertical down welding

Product Details

Carbon steel welding electrode: tensile strength of deposited metal not more than 500 MPa.

Application: welding of carbon steel and low alloy steel of low intensity.

Certification: ABS GL DNV LR CCS ISO.


Products list:

Brand name




AWS E6010


5kg/box, 20kg/carton, 1000kg/pallet. Or as required

can be used for welding of pipes, storage tanks, pressure vessels, cast steel repairs, machines and heavy construction works. It is a high cellulose type electrode for welding in all positions including vertical-down using DC(+). It exhibits deep penetration and fast freezing.

AWS E6018


5kg/box, 20kg/carton, 1000kg/pallet. Or as required

E6018 electrodes possess operating and mechanical property characteristics similar to E7018 except at a lower strength level. The electrode covering and low hydrogen characteristics are also similar. This electrode is desirable where matching or under matching weld deposit is required. Electrodes that meet this classification may also be suitable for buffer layer application in cladding operations.

AWS E6024


5kg/box, 20kg/carton, 1000kg/pallet. Or as required

Mild steel type electrode has a special quick start tip. Stable arc and automatic action that makes it easy to use on thin metals requiring low amperage. Features self-cleaning action that works well in all positions. Tensile Strength 60,000 PSI.

AWS E7015


5kg/box, 20kg/carton, 1000kg/pallet. Or as required

E7015 electrodes are low-hydrogen electrodes to be used with dcep (electrode positive). The slag is chemically basic. E7015 electrodes are commonly used for making small welds on thick base metal, since the welds are less susceptible to cracking. They are also used for welding high-sulfur and enameling steels. Welds made with E7015 electrodes on high-sulfur steels may produce a very tight slag and a very rough or irregular bead appearance in comparison to welds with the same electrodes in steels of normal sulfur content.

AWS E7028


5kg/box, 20kg/carton, 1000kg/pallet. Or as required

E7028 electrodes are very much like the E7018 electrodes. However, E7028 electrodes are suitable for fillet welds in the horizontal welding position and groove welds in the flat welding position only, whereas E7018 electrodes are suitable for all positions. The E7028 electrode coverings are much thicker. They make up approximately 50% of the weight of electrodes. The iron content of E7028 electrodes is higher (approximately 50% of the weight of covering). Consequently, on fillet welds in the horizontal position and groove welds in the flat welding position, E7028 electrodes give a higher deposition rate than the E7018 electrodes for a given size of electrode.

Top Features

· High deposition rates 

· Smooth bead appearance 

· Minimal spatter

· Shallow penetration

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