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What Are The 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire Welding Methods

Nov 03, 2017

What are the 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire welding methods
Wire manufacturers specializing in the production of wire products, 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire production has many years of experience, we all know that 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire more, each method has its own characteristics, the following key points for everyone to introduce:
1.Advanced hot wire YIG welding technology - boiler heating surface pipe butt welding quality requirements are high, the material is complex, and a considerable number, a 600MW boiler welding mouth up to 60,000, the welding efficiency is the key to the impact of boiler manufacturing . In recent years, hot wire TIG welding process is one of the most mature, highest quality welding, the most widely adaptable welding method, should be vigorously promoted in the boiler manufacturing. In recent years, hot wire TIG welding method widely used in the boiler industry, the country has at least hundreds of hot wire TIG welding equipment.
2. Efficient saddle submerged arc automatic welding - Boiler drum is often arranged with 4-6 diameter ¢ 508- ¢ 711 down pipe and 200 diameter ¢ 108- ¢ 168 steam connecting pipe and soda pipe. 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire workload is quite large, using manual welding labor intensity, long cycle, welding quality can not be guaranteed. Since the beginning of 2004 using a variety of saddle SAW automatic welding process, greatly improving the efficiency, welding quality and labor intensity. Large saddle submerged arc automatic 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire equipment for welding drum drop tube, small saddle submerged arc automatic welding equipment is mainly used for welding boiler drum ¢ 108 above the header. At present, the method has been widely used in welding boiler tube seat, completely solve the boiler drums and containers on the plug-in or riding seat tube size welding problems.
3. Gap Hot Wire TIG Welding - The narrow gap hot wire TIG welding is mainly used for the welding of piping or header girth during boiler manufacturing and installation. The narrow gap hot wire TIG welding has two kinds of full position and fixed position. The former is mainly used for pipe welding in boiler installation instead of manual arc welding. The latter is mainly used for straight pipe splicing in header or pipe 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire in boiler manufacture. The use of workpiece rotating hot wire TIG welding, need to solve the problem of pipe driving and groove machining accuracy. If the roller frame drive to be solved in the drive synchronization, radial runout and anti-channeling movement problems. Currently there are two ways of welding swing and swing, the latter requirements bevel width of 10mm below.
2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire in a variety of welding techniques have a large area of use, wire focus on all aspects of research and development, the wire stored in a summary of a lot of skills, including these points:
First, the storage of heat-resistant 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire warehouse should have a monotonous ventilation environment, to prevent moisture; refuse to water, acid, alkali and other liquids is very simple volatile corrosive substances exist, but should not coexist with these same substances in the same warehouse.
Second, the wire should be placed on wooden pallets, can not be placed directly on the floor or close to the wall.
Third, when access and handling wire careful not to break the packaging, especially the packaging "shrink film."
Fourth, open the wire package should be run out as soon as possible (need within a week), once the wire exposed directly in the air, the anti-rust time will be greatly reduced (especially in wet, corrosive media environment).
Fifth, in accordance with the "first in, first out" principle issued wire, minimize product inventory time.
Six, according to the variety of 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire, standardize the classification of storage, to prevent the wrong use.