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What 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire Needs Attention

Jun 23, 2017

What 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire needs attention
We in a lot of production will see the use of 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire of this material for welding work, then the use of 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire when we need to pay attention to what the problem, Xiaobian today to everyone Generally about the use of 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire specifications.First of all we have to confirm what the material is welded to chromium stainless steel, for example, because the material itself has a certain corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance , It will be used in the power station, chemical and is the equipment and other materials, but its welding is relatively poor, so you need to choose electric 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire, and in the welding process we also need Attention to the process and heat treatment conditions, etc. If the welding material is chrome 13 stainless steel, this time will choose chrome nickel stainless steel 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire, which is mainly because the material will be hardened after welding cracks in addition to note that we need to be preheated when welding, but also the need for slow cooling process after completion of welding. in fact, said so much in fact to be welded by submerged arc welding wire 2.0MM-5.0MM When we first distinguish the work of welding materials properties, control of such properties selected for the submerged arc welding wire 2.0MM-5.0MM handled it.
We all know that in industrial production 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire is a very common use of a very wide range of materials, in many industrial processing, we need to use it to work for welding, because it itself has Some of the characteristics we should be how to store it, Xiaobian today to talk about the main 2.0MM-5.0MM submerged arc welding method.First of all we should pay attention to the storage of environmental problems, under normal circumstances we need to 2.0 MM-5.0MM submerged arc welding wire in the dry and ventilated environment, do not let it damp, nor with acid, alkali and other liquids to prevent in one, so easy to produce chemical reaction.In addition, we will 2.0MM-5.0MM submerged arc The wire can not be placed directly on the floor when you need to put it on the wooden tray, in the process of handling to remember not to break the packaging, because the break when the packaging can not do dry it is easy to be in the air the effects of water. touch one manufacturer reminder 2.0MM-5.0MM we opened submerged arc welding wire to be used up or are likely to rust within a week. when making a deposit, we must note that the above-mentioned Point demand.
Usually 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire is used for metal stamping die, cutting or cutting tools, etc. This material has advantages and disadvantages, and today we learn to learn! This material for a variety of occasions or mechanical equipment , Have a strong ability to adapt, at any time to adjust the composition and proportion of flux, according to the need to achieve the desired chemical composition of the weld. Generous appearance of beautiful, that its process performance is very good, if the addition of a steady arc , The performance of the arc will become more stable, the droplets in the transition is also very uniform. Melting speed is very fast, which also greatly improve the production efficiency, the other core 2.0MM-5.0MM submerged arc current density But although it has a lot of advantages, it will inevitably have some shortcomings, mainly in the 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire development process is particularly complex in the welding, because it is hollow, so the wire than 2.0MM-5.0MM solid wire SAW much more difficult. biggest drawback in that it would freezer at a surface rust, if the powder is easier to absorb moisture and gas.