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Welding Wire Is A Matter Of Concern

Oct 12, 2017

With the extensive application of high-efficiency welding process, the shipbuilding industry is increasingly demanding for welding materials. However, the Welding Wire manufacturers, according to many domestic shipbuilding enterprises reflect the current shipbuilding materials in China there are good and bad quality standards, different standards, which led to the construction of the ship due to welding cracks forced to repair the phenomenon of increasingly serious. To a large extent, this has become one of the main reasons for the success rate of shipbuilding enterprises in China. Welding Wire manufacturers in this regard, the ship sector should be given attention and attention to promote the welding material manufacturers to actively improve product quality, in a timely manner to reverse the adverse situation.
Nowadays, semi-automatic carbon dioxide welding, automatic carbon dioxide welding, double wire carbon dioxide welding, vertical gas welding, automatic carbon dioxide fillet welding and other efficient welding technology is used by many domestic enterprises. In these highly efficient welding process is gradually popularizing the process, the carbon dioxide core solder Wire gradually replace the traditional solid core Welding Wire, a ship welding material of the main force, the use of the ratio of about 70%. According to the Guangzhou Zhonghang Longxue Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. welding expert Zhao Zhaizhang introduction, the drug core Welding Wire itself has the characteristics of high efficiency, low splash, droplet transition stability, but let the ship's welding technology personnel confused that the drug core Welding Wire in the production The frequency of problems in the process is getting higher and higher, the use of the situation getting worse. A common phenomenon is that when the current is greater than 180 amps, try to use a lot of brands of solder core Welding Wire after the weld will appear micro-cracks, the current and then some of the cracks will occur. In fact, the drug core solder Wire problem is not a case. According to a shipyard reaction, its purchase of 4,000 tons of drug-resistant solder Wire rigorous re-inspection found that there are problems had to return the Welding Wire wire up to 1,600 tons. During the 2009-2010 period, the quality of the core cast Wire was once caused by many domestic shipbuilding enterprises in the construction of the ship's collective welding cracks and was forced to repair.
So what is the reason for the inefficient welding material that is not efficient? First of all, Welding Wire production enterprises to herd, the surge in the number of survival in order to survive the quality of low-cost disorderly competition, is caused by drug core Welding Wire good and bad main reason. According to industry sources, at present, the core sold Wire Welding Wire in the ship's share of the largest share of the market prospects, so the field of production enterprises more and more competition is becoming increasingly fierce, so the industry began to large Price war. However, the cost of their own materials, Welding Wire itself is very high cost, substantial price reduction is not realistic, in order to achieve the purpose of price reduction is still profitable, many companies in the formula to adjust the content of alloying elements, resulting in Welding Wire process performance, mechanical properties The change. Second, the seizure of regulatory agencies lax. At present, the classification societies are generally only approved by the Welding Wire manufacturer for a Welding Wire recipe for the enterprise. However, in the actual production and sales process, Welding Wire manufacturers have a lot of different formulations of Welding Wire, and even the same manufacturer of the same batch of drug core solder Wire performance will be different. Finally, the ship business re-inspection check lax. Strictly speaking, the drug core solder Wire into the plant after the ship must be approved by the performance test to pass, once the Welding Wire process performance and mechanical performance assessment is not up to the standard should be returned. However, many shipbuilders believe that, as long as there is a ship inspection certificate can be used, there is no re-inspection, leading to Welding Wire into the shipbuilding production process.
Welding Wire quality problems will increase the cost of welding enterprises, such as re-lead to welding quality problems lead to repair, the loss of shipping companies even greater. Therefore, the current China's shipping companies facing the Welding Wire material problems should be effectively resolved. In this regard, the relevant experts said that the focus is to strengthen self-discipline and regulation. Welding Wire manufacturers should be soberly aware that the industry can be healthy and sustainable development, enterprises can not win the market reputation by speculation, but should strengthen management, increase research and development efforts to reduce costs and improve the quality of drug-resistant solder Wire, Recognized. On the one hand, on the one hand, industry associations, classification societies and other government agencies and government departments should deal with the problems of welding materials production enterprises to focus on a review, clarify the management and supervision of the focus and responsibility, and increase supervision. On the other hand, while relying on external regulation, the shipowners themselves must strictly supervise the Welding Wire, and weld the Welding Wire for each welding line of the Welding Wire manufacturer to strictly evaluate the welding process performance and test the welding. On this basis, the shipbuilding enterprises to strengthen the inspection of the Welding Wire into the factory, will not be honest business and unqualified Welding Wire shut out.