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Welding Wire Deserves Attention

Nov 03, 2017

Welding Wire deserves attention
With the extensive use of efficient welding processes, shipbuilding has become increasingly demanding on welding materials. However, wire manufacturers according to many domestic shipbuilding enterprises reflect the current quality of welding materials in China there are mixed, different standards, resulting in the construction of the ship due to welding cracks forced to repair the phenomenon is worsening. For the most part, this has also become one of the major reasons for the passing rate of China's shipbuilding enterprises once their welding rate is significantly lower than that of Japan and South Korea's shipping companies. Wire manufacturers in response, the ship should pay attention and attention to promote the welding material manufacturers to actively improve product quality, timely reverse the adverse situation.
Nowadays, semi-automatic carbon dioxide welding, automatic carbon dioxide welding, double wire carbon dioxide welding, vertical gas welding, automatic carbon dioxide fillet welding and other efficient welding process is adopted by many domestic shipping companies. As these high-efficiency welding processes are gradually being popularized, carbon-dioxide flux-cored wires gradually replace traditional solid-state Welding Wires and become the main force of ship welding materials with a utilization ratio of about 70%.
So, what causes efficient welding materials inefficient? First of all, the wire manufacturers rush into mass production, the surge in quantity, in order to survive the quality of low-cost disorderly disorderly competition is the main reason for the mixed flux cored. According to insiders, at present, the share of flux cored Welding Wire in ship welding materials is the largest and the market prospect is considerable. Therefore, more and more manufacturing enterprises are involved in the field and the competition is fiercer and fiercer. As a result, Price war. However, the cost of the material itself is very high, the price cuts are not realistic, in order to achieve the purpose of price reduction is still profitable, many companies adjust the content of alloying elements in the formula, resulting in wire technology performance, mechanical properties have changed . Second, the supervision of ship inspection agencies lax. At present, classification societies generally only accept factory approval of Welding Wire manufacturers, and apply for inspection certificates for a type of wire formula of an enterprise. However, in the actual production and sales process, the wire manufacturer has a lot of different formulations of the wire, and even the same batch of the same manufacturer of flux cored wire performance will be different. Finally, the shipping company re-inspection lax. Strictly speaking, the flux cored wire into the plant must go through the performance test of shipping companies approved to pass, once the wire technology performance and mechanical performance evaluation of non-compliance should be returned. However, many shipping companies believe that the wire can be used as long as there is a certificate of inspection, no re-inspection, leading to the problem of wire into the shipbuilding link.
Welding Wire quality problems will increase the cost of welding the shipping companies, such as welding quality problems lead to rework, the greater the loss of shipping companies. Therefore, at present, China's shipbuilding enterprises facing the problem of wire materials should be effectively resolved. In this regard, relevant experts said the emphasis is to strengthen self-regulation and supervision. Wire production enterprises should be soberly aware that the industry health sustainability exhibition, companies can not win market reputation by opportunistic, but should strengthen management, increase research and development efforts to reduce costs and improve the quality of the flux cored wire, thus obtaining the approval of shipping companies. For regulatory issues, on the one hand, industry associations, classification societies and other agencies and government departments should conduct a centralized examination of the problems existing in the welding material production enterprises, clarify the key points and responsibilities of management and supervision, and increase supervision and control. On the other hand, while relying on external supervision, the shipping enterprises themselves should strictly monitor their production. Each Welding Wire of the manufacturer of the Welding Wire should be strictly evaluated for the welding process performance and test welding, and then the procurement list should be established. On this basis, the shipbuilding enterprises should strengthen the re-inspection of the incoming Welding Wire, reject the bad faith enterprise and the unqualified Welding Wire.