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Welding Electrode Equipment Maintenance

Jun 16, 2017

Welding Electrode equipment maintenance

devices care.

1. Every week with compressed air or fan blowing, the circuit board with a brush cleaning, blowing and so on.

2. Every 3 to 6 months with a special cleaning agent to clean the machine waterway, when the machine frequently water temperature alarm, observe the water flow significantly reduced when the water should be immediately cleaned, descaling agent selection of ordinary car tank descaling agent, according to 1 / 40 proportional dilution directly into the equipment waterway for cleaning.

3. Strict implementation of the principle of power after the first water, the work process is strictly prohibited water, equipment and Welding Electrodes with cooling water quality and pressure must meet the requirements. In order to avoid blocking the cooling pipe, such as the use of pump water supply, installed in the pump inlet filter, the cooling water temperature can not be higher than 47 ℃, water flow 10T / h (recommended softened water. If the load rate is 100% Water temperature must be lower than 40 ℃, the use of water circulation and softened water, the temperature is lower than 0 ℃ equipment is not used when the equipment to remove the circulating water to prevent the pipeline was frozen.

4. Welding Electrode and multi-turn Welding Electrode to keep clean, to prevent short-circuit between the turn, Welding Electrode contact surface and Welding Electrode connection plate should be clean and no oxidation to ensure good conductivity. When Welding Electrode is replaced. Stop the heating before proceeding, Welding Electrode contact surface and Welding Electrode connection plate with sandpaper polished clean to ensure good contact.

5. Anti-shock, please ensure that the cabinet according to electrical specifications reliable grounding, first water, water pressure and the detection of water leakage. And then power, until the panel DC voltmeter display is 500V or more, before turning on the panel power switch.

6. Equipment should avoid sunshine, moisture, dust, exposure and rain.

The main causes of Welding Electrode quenching are: the size and shape of the workpiece, the level of carbon content, the cooling method and the pretreatment method. Iron and steel heat treatment will produce quenching and cracking, due to the quenching process will produce stress, and this stress and the process of the production of the process, the steel is not the beginning of the production of Ma field that is broken, but in the Ma field transformation of about 50 % (At this time about 150 ℃), that is, before the end of quenching occurs. So quenching process, in the high temperature to the rapid cooling, and low temperature to slow cooling, if the cooling "first fast after the" key part of a good grasp, can quench the situation to a minimum.