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The Way Of Localization Of High - End Welding Flux

Aug 10, 2017

The Way of Localization of High - end Welding Flux
    Submerged arc Welding Flux made in China, and with international standards, welding consumables production and welding technology workers is the consensus, how can this work as soon as possible to actively promote, is placed in our Welding Flux production and welding technology workers In front of the real problem. At present, some of the Welding Flux units will be foreign brands to do the reference level of Welding Flux, and some customers on the weld metal cleanliness, weld metal S, P content and toughness, strength equivalent to the physical level of steel or higher than the physical level of steel, Forced domestic Welding Flux (welding consumables) must be compared with its technical level or higher than its technical level for procurement. More effective way can also be implemented custom, the Welding Flux production units and the use of units to form a close relationship, targeted research and development in line with user standards, and the quality of the Welding Flux (welding consumables), which is more conducive to fast, Actively promote the innovation of Welding Flux production enterprises to drive the development of high-quality high-end Welding Flux transformation and upgrading, and to enable users to solve the domestic Welding Flux for the enterprise Welding Flux technical problems.
Although China is already a major producer of welding consumables, but not a welding consummate, the current domestic production of welding materials, mainly for ordinary metal structures, petrochemical equipment, construction and other basic industries, especially submerged arc welding and sintering Type Welding Flux, such as HJ431, HJ260, SJ101, SJ301 and so on. Now the market competition disorder, there are some companies in the procurement of Welding Flux value is to see who the price is low, not knowing that low-cost means that the input of the key raw materials and the harmful ingredients can not be strictly controlled (such as raw and auxiliary materials Containing S, P elements can not be effectively controlled), reducing the welding process requirements and mechanical properties of the quality standards. And the manufacture and development of high-tech, high standards, high-quality high-end submerged arc Welding Flux, selected high-quality raw and auxiliary materials is a prerequisite, and some raw and auxiliary materials should be specially pretreated from the material itself, Welding Flux harmful elements are strictly controlled. At the same time, from the welding process, requiring resistance to porosity, slagging and other processes have a higher technical requirements to ensure that the mechanical properties of the weld to meet the standard. At present, the domestic shipbuilding, offshore platforms, three types of pressure vessels, nuclear power and other industries require submerged arc Welding Flux, in the weld metal chemical composition S, P content strictly controlled at 0.01% below, for some trace of harmful elements must be strictly controlled The In the low temperature of -60 ℃ and -101 ℃, the average impact performance is guaranteed to be above 100J, so as to meet its high strength and high toughness, and improve the high grade steel, Welding Flux and welding wire.
For the welding type submerged arc Welding Flux HJ107 with Welding Flux-cored wire welding, surfacing problem, because the Welding Flux-cored wire in the alloy and the powder in the melting process of conductivity is not as good as the solid wire, resulting in the molten pool temperature is lower than the solid wire and the condensation speed, So that part of the insoluble material can not be completely floating, the formation of slag, which in the welding process to produce pores, resulting in welding defects. Our company R & D personnel based on customer feedback and market research and customers work closely with the development of research and development programs, has developed a special with the Welding Flux cored wire HJ107 smelting submerged arc Welding Flux. The customer with the Shanghai Division legislation and other manufacturers of Welding Flux cored wire welding, surfacing applications, that the Welding Flux welding process is good, easy to slag, anti-stomatal ability, the indicators are tested to meet the requirements. Especially the welding cold roll, the better.