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The Use Of Welding Wire Should Be Noticed

Jul 10, 2017

The use of Welding Wire should be noticed

1. Chromium stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance (oxidation acid, organic acid, cavitation), heat resistance and wear-resisting function. Generally used in power plant, chemical, petroleum and other equipment information. The Welding Wire performance of chromium stainless steel is not very stable. In the process of use, it is necessary to pay attention to the preparation of Welding Wire technology, the precondition of heat treatment and the selection of suitable electric Welding Wire.

2. Chromium nickel Welding Wire has the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, generally used in chemical, chemical fertilizer, petroleum, medical machinery manufacturing and other fields.

3. When Welding Wire with chromium nickel stainless steel, the carbide can be precipitated by repeated heating, thus reducing the erosion resistance and mechanical function to a certain extent.

4. Chromium nickel stainless steel has titanium calcium and low hydrogen type. The titanium calcium can be used for alternating current, but the penetration is relatively shallow when it is welded, and it is easy to get red, so it should be possible to use dc power supply as far as possible. The diameter 4.0 and the following are available for full position Welding Wire, with 5.0 and above being used for horizontal and horizontal Welding Wire.

5, Welding Wire should keep dry state, in the use of titanium calcium type should be 1 hour after 150 ℃ baking, low hydrogen type should be the 200-250 ℃ dry for 1 hour, avoid Welding Wire coated viscous oil and other dirt, the weld add carbon content and affects the quality of weldment.

6. In order to avoid the occurrence of eyeball erosion due to heating, the Welding Wire current should not be too large, the arc should not be too long, and the layer should be fast and cold.

For stainless steel that works at low temperature, it is necessary to ensure that the Welding Wire joint is at low temperature impact toughness, so the pure austenite Welding Wire is applied. Like A402, A407. Nickel-base alloy Welding Wire can also be used. For example, the Mo6 type super Welding Wire is welded with 9 % of the Mo.

(1) with bipolar electrode weld metal itself contains a certain amount of iron, and have good plasticity and toughness, from the Angle of weld metal crack resistance, alkaline Welding Wire skin with titanium calcium type Welding Wire of sin that difference. Therefore, in practical application, the Welding Wire process performance is more important, and the skin type is usually used as the Welding Wire of 17 or 16 (such as A102A, A102, A132, etc.).

(2) in large rigidity structure or poor crack resistance of weld metal (such as some chromium martensitic stainless steel, pure austenitic organization chromium nickel stainless steel, etc.) the use of Welding Wire, and experienced the metropolitan consider to choose skin code for 15 of the alkaline leather Welding Wire (such as A107, A407, etc.).

According to the above methods, Welding Wire has its unique characteristics, Welding Wire, Welding Wire when selection is to cause our attention, only in this way can implement different Welding Wire methods for different materials and different standards and techniques, material selection of Welding Wire Welding Wire must be according to the parent metal and the working conditions (including temperature and contact medium, etc.) to choose. It is possible to achieve the desired Welding Wire quality.