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The Stability Of Welding Wire Quality

Aug 10, 2017

The stability of Welding Wire quality
    Domestic welding quality compared to abroad, there is a certain degree of stability in the gap, the reason is the manufacturers of production, lax control, there is the domestic raw materials, especially the main raw material stainless steel wire caused by unstable quality.
    Domestic stainless steel Welding Wire is mainly provided by some small and medium enterprises in Jiangsu, Welding Wire quality is unstable; the second is due to backward equipment technology, impurity content higher impact welding quality. Foreign production of wire core, furnace number of small eleven, two tons, the furnace number reached two to thirty tons, and the furnace number and furnace number between the chemical composition is very close to the carbon and impurity content control is very good , Which is also a foreign stainless steel wire quality and stability of an important reason.
    Domestic stainless steel wire quality to achieve the same quality and stability abroad, we must ensure that the quality of raw materials and stability, stainless steel wire manufacturers must change the backward production process, the international advanced level in line, stainless steel wire shop manufacturers must pay attention to quality The stability of the. Domestic wire manufacturers in the purchase of raw materials should pay attention to the selection of some production of large quantities, advanced technology manufacturers of raw materials.
    At present, in some demanding cases, still need to import, such as urea and stainless steel wire, petrochemical industry with hydrogenation reactor wire, duplex stainless steel wire. These wires to achieve localization, first, wire manufacturers to improve the technical level. First, raw material suppliers must provide raw materials to meet the requirements, in particular, steel mills must provide high-quality wire to meet the requirements. Otherwise, the wire manufacturers to work hard, can not reach the level of similar foreign products.
 Welding Wire is mainly in the metal core outside the paint (skin) uniform, centripetal pressure on the welding core. Because the wire type is different, so the welding core is also different. Welded core is the metal core of the wire. In order to ensure the quality and performance of the weld, the content of each metal element in the welding core is strictly stipulated, especially for harmful impurities (such as sulfur, phosphorus, etc.) content, should have Strict restrictions, better than base metal. Weld core components directly affect the composition and performance of the weld metal, so the harmful elements in the welding core to minimize.
    The use of low-carbon steel as a welding core, and fill manganese, silicon, chromium, nickel and other ingredients (see the national standard Welding Wire. The reasons for the use of low-carbon on the one hand because of low carbon content of steel wire plastic good wire drawing is Relatively easy, on the other hand can reduce the reducing gas CO content, reduce the splash or stomata, and can increase the temperature of the weld metal solidification, beneficial to the welding. Join other alloying elements is mainly to ensure the comprehensive mechanical properties of the weld , While the welding process performance and removal of impurities, but also a certain role.
    Welding Wire welding process performance and chemical metallurgical performance is to determine the weld metal composition and performance of one of the main factors, the same Welding Wire and the same welding parameters, with different Welding Wire, the performance of the weld will be very different, The wire can be combined with a variety of wire, whether it is in the low carbon steel or low alloy steel have this reasonable combination.
Welding Wire is a variety of mineral raw materials in proportion to mix together, and then in the electric furnace or Yan Yan furnace heated to 1300 degrees above the melting, drying, screening of the wire known as Welding Wire, Welding Wire used in the main raw materials are manganese ore , Silica sand, bauxite, magnesium reduction, fluorite, lime and so on mineral raw materials, also joined the cryolite and other chemical products.
Smelting before the raw materials should be used to dry, Welding Wire remove the raw materials in the water, melting agent to melt raw materials, wire can not add carbonates, deoxidizer and alloying agent. High-alkali wire is also very difficult, sWelding Wire after melting can not keep the composition of raw materials unchanged, melting agent is essentially a combination of various compounds.