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Selection Of EDM Discharge Electrode

Mar 09, 2017

The choice of suitable electrode materials is an important decision of the design method of EDM. We discuss the general principles of EDM selection from the characteristics and performance characteristics of electrode materials.

Effect of electrode material properties on EDM process

1. conductivity Because the current is "cutting tool", high conductivity (otherwise low resistivity) to improve cutting efficiency.

2. Melting point. EDM is a hot process, it is reasonable to assume that the higher the melting point of the electrode material, the smaller the wear between the electrode and the workpiece.

3. Chemical properties. In the case of on-line cutting, the chemical properties of the electrode material have a significant effect on the processing efficiency (measured by speed and wear).

4. structural integrity. Although EDM is often viewed as a "zero force" process, each individual spark is a very violent process from the microscopic point of view, causing considerable pressure on the electrode material. Electrode material surface to withstand thousands of such attacks, is to determine the electrode material on the wear, surface finish, the resistance of the washing performance of the important factors.