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Research And Development Trend Of Welding Wire

Aug 01, 2017

Research and development trend of Welding Wire
 The wire manufacturer's products refer to steel containing more than 12% chromium. Stainless steel since the invention in 1912 has made rapid development, so far the world is still 3-5% annual rate of increase. The world's total consumption of stainless steel reached 35 million. China is in the rapid growth of stainless steel production and consumption applications, has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, food, wine, pharmaceutical, home appliances, hydropower, machinery, construction, municipal and various civilian equipment. 1990 China's stainless steel consumption of 260,000 tons in 1999 to 1.53 million tons in 2000 to 1.73 million tons in 2001 to 2.25 million tons in 2004, stainless steel consumption reached 4.47 million tons, ranking first in the world, It is expected that the consumption of stainless steel in 2006 will reach more than 6 million tons, of which chromium-nickel austenitic stainless steel consumption accounts for 75% -80% of the total consumption of stainless steel.
China from the fifties began to develop and produce Welding Wire, in 1997 China's total output of more than 7,000 tons of wire. In recent years, China's rapid growth in consumption of stainless steel, domestic Welding Wire in 2004 has more than 35,000 tons, is expected in 2006 domestic wire will reach 50,000 tons.
Since the fifties began to develop the Welding Wire, wire manufacturers products are mainly followed by the former Soviet Union titanium slag and raw material system, it has a low cost, easy to pressure coating, anti-stomatal good, good mechanical properties, but with the European brand similar The Welding Wire is more serious than the welding red, splashing, slagging and forming poor, welding efficiency is low, wasteful, so since the mid-seventies to the early eighties, for the domestic import of green P5 wire domestic research institutions and some Welding Wire manufacturers to work together on the wire of the red skin off the causes and solutions were studied,
To the eighties, the several papers have been published, people on the one hand that their research work is very meaningful, get a lot of progress; the other hand, after several of the actual development of the wire test, also that still with foreign products There is a clear gap, but since then, the domestic research work in this area is in a state of the situation, from the early 80s to the early nineties because there is no weight inside the wire research literature. Since the early 1990s, domestic wire research has become increasingly active. First, Wang Bao, Sun Xian and others in the preliminary work on the basis of the study of the basic principles of Welding Wire design and methods in the wire design theory has made important breakthroughs, and therefore won the 2000 National Science and Technology Progress Award; Department of Building Research Institute Tang Bo steel in the mid-nineties digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, the successful completion of domestic stainless steel new series of improved wire to improve and successfully set up the company, so that the perfect combination of theory and practice, since 1994, Its wire production has reached an annual output of more than 3,000 tons.
Domestic Welding Wire as a whole with foreign advanced level compared to the existence of six major problems, urgent to solve and research:
1, red hair problems and anti-red wire. AVESTA bison brand green P5φ3.2 × 350 and φ4.0 × 400 Welding Wire at 110-120A and 150-160A, respectively, the first 50mm around the skin does not red hair cracking. P5-HX wire φ4 × 450 even in the 160-170A head no red, which is the best level of similar wire at home and abroad.
2, stomatal problems and improve the resistance to stomata, stainless steel stomata is generally considered a hole in the last paragraph of the weld or before the weld or multi-layer welding is easy to see visible pores. As long as the wire is not damp or used before the 250 ℃ above the re-boring will not appear stomata. China has now adopted aluminum foil composite film vacuum packaging, as long as the packaging can be saved before the use of the former re-drying process, direct use, to avoid drying dry or out of the pores or bake dry injury fall. As the wire hole by the steel core, raw materials and drying process fluctuations, the domestic use of sacrificial process performance, to ensure that the pores are not the production principle, resulting in the domestic Welding Wire and physical level are quite different.
3, efficiency problems and efficient Welding Wire. Ordinary wire welding efficiency is generally less than 110%, about 85%. And high efficiency Welding Wire is more than 140%, up to 180%, is a can greatly shorten the welding time of the Welding Wire, it has the following characteristics: the same as the use of low-carbon steel to improve the efficiency of work without red , Such as Japan's HIMELT series of AVGTA, HX series of AVESTA and OK6X.41 series of ESAB, etc., large-scale chemical equipment welding often requires high efficiency, the domestic and foreign Is still blank, it is worth noting that the efficient Welding Wire is only suitable for flat welding and flat angle welding.