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For Your Analysis Of Copper And Aluminum Welding Wire Knowledge

Sep 22, 2017

For your analysis of copper and aluminum Welding Wire knowledge
    There are many types of Welding Wire, today for everyone to introduce the knowledge of copper and aluminum Welding Wire, copper and aluminum Welding Wire technical staff to tell you to the normal speed of 1/5 or so slowly sent by the RP * 46 adjusted until the Welding Wire and the workpiece short circuit, arc The voltage drops to 0, K1 release, K2 pull, the circuit into the normal starting arc and welding state. When the welding is stopped, press the "stop" button SB * 2, its normally closed contact SB * 2-1 cut off the main circuit running Welding Wire and car, the Welding Wire stops, the arc is elongated and the arc voltage is increased. Its first color ring is ten digits, the second color ring is a single digit, the third ring is multiplied by the unit of 11H, the fourth color ring for the error rate, the value represented by the various colors. For example: color ring color are brown, black, gold, gold inductor inductance of 1LIH, the error is 5%.
   Welding Wire industry applications in a variety of areas, gas Welding Wire used is no leather Welding Wire; its composition and the workpiece is basically the same, in principle, requires the weld and the workpiece to achieve the same strength.
Welding alloy steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, the molten pool is easy to produce high melting point of the stable oxide, such as Cr2O3, SiO2 and Al2O3, so that the weld slag. Therefore, in the welding, the use of appropriate flux, with such oxides can form a low melting point of the slag, in order to float out of the pool. Because metal oxides are mostly alkaline, so generally with acid flux, such as borax, boric acid and so on. Welding cast iron, there are often more SiO2 appears, so usually will use alkaline flux, such as sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate. When used, usually with a Welding Wire dipped in the end into the pool.
    Welding Wire welding process requires a wide range of learning, is conducive to the late use.
 Aluminum Welding Wire is a kind of Welding Wire, aluminum Welding Wire Features: small size, light weight, save material for long-distance and high-altitude operation General welding power, especially arc welding power, its volume and weight of 80% Transformers and reactors. These transformers are operating at 50Hz. Inverter power supply, although there is a transformer and reactor, but its operating frequency greatly improved, the general operating frequency of 2000 ^ -30000Hz. In other words, the inverter welding power supply than ordinary welding power frequency increased by 40 ^ -600 times. In this way, the corresponding IF transformer and output reactor volume, weight will be greatly reduced. So that the inverter power supply in the limited space or to be frequent applications of the occasion.
 In the current production and life, are in a large number of the use of steel products, and in order to make ordinary steel we need finished products, the most common process is welding. With the continuous progress of science and technology, welding technology is also continuous progress, stainless steel Welding Wire can be said that welding technology is a newly developed one of the new products.
    When using stainless steel Welding Wire to operate, there are two main ways of welding, one called inert gas shielded welding, and the other called submerged arc welding. Then the two welding methods can be said that its characteristics are different, and the current use of more welding is the inert gas shielded welding. Even so, we choose the welding method, but also according to the actual situation to choose the appropriate welding method.
    The use of stainless steel Welding Wire can not only improve the efficiency of the work, the key is in the high-tech welding technology, welding interface can be more beautiful appearance in front of us.
    Welding Wire is the rapid development in the welding process, the use of Welding Wire is very wide, Welding Wire manufacturers have many years of production experience, Welding Wire manufacturers to tell you about the knowledge of Welding Wire storage:
    1, storage of Welding Wire storage warehouse should have a dry and ventilated environment, to avoid moisture; refused to water, acid, alkali and other liquids
Hair corrosive substances exist, not with the coexistence of these substances the same warehouse.
    2, the Welding Wire should be placed on the wooden tray, can not be directly on the floor or close to the wall.
    3, access and handling the Welding Wire when careful not to break the packaging, especially in the packaging "heat shrink film."
    4, open the Welding Wire packaging should be used as soon as possible (required within a week), once the Welding Wire directly exposed to the air, the rust time will be greatly reduced (especially in the wet, corrosive media environment)
    5, in accordance with the "first-in first-out" principle of the release of Welding Wire, to minimize product inventory time.