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Electrode For EDM

Mar 09, 2017

In the EDM process, the role of the electrode material is to transport the processing pulse, and its own minimum loss to remove the workpiece. It must meet the following conditions:

① high conductivity;

② can effectively erode the metal;

③ small self-loss;

④ easy to shape.

In the actual processing, the electrode material is improperly selected, will accelerate the electrode loss, affecting the processing quality and production efficiency. Since the advent of EDM, people have tried to use a variety of materials. According to the Suzhou Institute of Electrical Machine Tool statistics can do EDM electrode materials as many as 125 kinds. Generally used for EDM electrodes are copper, graphite, steel and copper tungsten alloy, etc., they can carbon steel, tool steel, alloy steel, hardened steel, carbide and other high hardness metal materials for electrical processing, Processing stamping die, cavity mold and a variety of parts and complex shaped surface.