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China's Welding Wire Industry Is Developing Rapidly

Aug 21, 2017

China's Welding Wire industry is developing rapidly

China's Welding Wire industry after years of sharpening, is gradually growing, with the production equipment and products manufacturing capacity and quality continues to improve, as well as the market demand for maintenance of wearing parts continue to improve, high-quality, high-quality welding materials demand continued Growth, to promote product research and development and application areas are also expanding, China's Welding Wire industry will also enter the rapid growth stage.

There are many types of Welding Wire, the most important thing is its quality problems, Welding Wire manufacturers to ensure the quality of welding at the same time, with particular emphasis on the application of Welding Wire, Welding Wire as a filler metal constantly into the bath, Welding Wire feeding process should pay attention :

(1) Welding Wire should not be used when the left hand pinch the distal end of the Welding Wire, only the left arm to move, this method is easy to shake when the Welding Wire.

(2) welding, the Welding Wire can not be separated from the gas protection zone, so as not to burn the Welding Wire ends are oxidized, while reducing the quality of the weld.

(3) Welding Wire, the Welding Wire ends prohibit contact with the tungsten, otherwise, the Welding Wire will be tungsten pollution, melting into the pool after the formation of folder tungsten.

(4) continuous Welding Wire feeding, the Welding Wire speed should be uniform, straight, can not stir in the protective layer to prevent air into the welding area.

Different welding materials, welding operations need to pay attention to the different points, welding is now a large proportion of welding types, the technology in a long time precipitation and summary of the increasingly mature, but the welding material operations need to pay attention to some attention Matters, the following Beijing Guben were introduced to the welding material need to pay attention to the elements:

(1) Welding Wire is usually titanium and low hydrogen type two. Soldering current as far as possible using DC power supply, is conducive to overcome the red Welding Wire and welding depth. Titanium calcium type of the Welding Wire is not suitable for all-position welding, only suitable for flat welding and angle welding; low hydrogen type of leather Welding Wire can do all-position welding.

(2) the Welding Wire should be kept dry when used. In order to prevent the occurrence of cracks, pits, pores and other defects, can not be repeated drying, or easy to fall off the drug. Weld clean, while preventing the Welding Wire stained with oil and other dirt, so as not to increase the weld carbon and affect the quality of welding.

(3) in order to prevent the generation of intergranular corrosion, welding current should not be too large, generally lower than the carbon steel Welding Wire about 20 percent, the arc should not be too long, cold between the layers, narrow channel welding is appropriate.

(4) Attention when arc, not in the non-welded parts of the arc, the best choice with the same material welding plate arc to arc, should try to use short arc welding, arc is too easy to produce hot cracks.

(5) short arc welding should not swing, thereby reducing the impact of heat, improve corrosion resistance to reduce the probability of cracks appear.

(6) According to the technical staff of Beijing: the different types of steel workpiece welding, the need to pick the level of welding steel bar, to prevent cracks due to improper welding and other issues.

Welded Welding Wire is wrapped in thin steel strip into a different cross-sectional shape of the Welding Wire drawing made of Welding Wire for welding, submerged arc welding and self-protection welding. The effect of the welding powder is similar to that of the electrode, except that the coating of the electrode is coated on the outer layer of the welding: the powder of the Welding Wire is wrapped in the core by the steel strip. The first letter "Y" indicates the flux cored Welding Wire, the second letter and the first, second and third digits are the same as the electrode preparation method. The number after the "one" sign indicates the protection method when welding. When the Welding Wire has special properties and uses, the name is followed by the initial role of the element or the main purpose of the letter.

With the improvement of Welding Wire production technology, some alloying elements can be added in the core, the processing and manufacturing convenience. At present, the method of obtaining the wear-resistant surface by using the Welding Wire for submerged arc welding has been widely used. In the sintered flux by adding a certain amount of alloying elements, after welding can also get the corresponding components of the surfacing layer, flux and solid or Welding Wire to match, to meet the requirements of different surfacing.

Submerged arc Welding Wire is mainly used for steel and other large parts of the roll and wheel welding. Using large diameter (≠ 3.2mm, sound 4.0mm) of the Welding Wire, welding current, welding productivity significantly improved. The Welding Wire used in the hard surface submerged arc welding is mostly a material with severe work hardening, in which case the production and supply of solid Welding Wire is limited. As the composition of the Welding Wire is very convenient to adjust, automatic submerged arc Welding Wire application of another expansion of the field.