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Basic Requirements For Storing Welding Wire

Jul 19, 2017

Basic requirements for storing Welding Wire

Solder is a metal Welding Wire welding material that is used as a filler metal while welding. Laiwu jincheng metal products co., LTD. Is a welding Welding Wire manufacturer, warmly welcome new and old customers to negotiate business.

Basic requirements for storing Welding Wire

1. The storage of the Welding Wire shall be in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid moisture; Refuse water, acid, alkali and other liquids are extremely volatile and corrosive substances exist, more unsuitable to coexist with these substances in the same warehouse.

2. The Welding Wire shall be placed on the wooden pallet and cannot be placed directly on the floor or against the wall.

3. Be careful not to break the packaging when accessing and carrying the Welding Wire, especially the inner packing "heat shrinkable film".

Four, open the Welding Wire packing should be finished as soon as possible to use it all (within a week), once the welding Welding Wire is directly exposed to the air, the rust will greatly shorten the time (especially in the wet, have a corrosive medium environment)

5. Distribute the solder according to the principle of "advanced first out" and minimize the time of product inventory.

6. Please store and prevent the wrong use according to the types and specifications of the Welding Wire.

Welding Wire in identifying quality, should be to buy Welding Wire USES have a full understanding of the type and welding Welding Wire, so to understand, to know Welding Wire which should be paid attention to when buying, what kind of welding Welding Wire can meet the needs of their own use. SA213 - TP310HCbN steel used in boiler superheater and reheater export, the transition section tube superheater system design of the highest working temperature is 622 ℃, the highest working pressure of 29.8 MPa; Reheater system design of the highest working temperature is 622 ℃, the highest working pressure of 5.5 MPa. SA213 - TP310 - HCbN steel joint, a total of 1546, specification is from 47.6 mm x 9 mm, 47.6 mm x 8 mm, 57.2 mm x 5 mm, phi phi 63.5 mm x 7.3 mm. Therefore, in order to adapt to the need of construction of thermal power unit in China, make up for our province, our company in the welding technical blank, master SA213 - TP310HCbN steel welding performance, welding operation skill, welding quality control points is very important.

Moreover, the brittle problems of the normal sa213-tp304h steel are caused by the precipitation of sigma phase. In order to improve the high temperature performance of sa213-tp310hcbn steel, a Japanese company has found that the tiny nb-crn nitride in the base body is also available for the TP310H steel reinforcement. So add N to the TP310H stainless steel, and the Nb elements develop sa213-tp310hcbn (hr-3c) steel. SA213 - TP310HCbN (25 cr - ni - Nb - N) 20 steel with ordinary SA213 - TP310H toughened learn composition difference is added only 0.20%  ̄ 0.60% of Nb and 0.15%  ̄ 0.15% of N, the new steel high temperature performance is greatly increased. The increase of the creep rupture strength is mainly caused by the dialysis of NbCrN. NbCrN in the process of steel aging, which is very small and especially stable, and the long time limitation is effective for improving toughness. Sa213-tp310hcbn steel high temperature corrosion resistance (anti-steam oxidation performance) good, its allowable stress is higher than normal sa213-tp310h steel.

Sa213-tp310hcbn steel is a single austenitic body in the supply state. The welding property of austenitic steel is good and there is no tendency of cold crack. Therefore, the welding of austenitic steel shall not be preheated by heat treatment.

Welding Welding Wire is widely used in domestic ultra-supercritical unit, but close to parent metal component matching welding materials due to the high processing difficulty, low yield, caused the corresponding welding materials, especially the solid core GTAW welding Welding Wire serious shortage, not only difficult to purchase, delivery time is long, and supply monopoly in severe cases, high prices. More importantly, the components are close to matching sa213-tp310hcbn welding materials have poor welding process performance and difficult welding quality control.