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Agglomerated Flux

Feb 07, 2018

Agglomerated Flux Product Detail


Agglomerated Flux is an agglomerated aluminate-rutile type soldering flux for submerged arc welding with a basicity index of BIIW 0.5. The flux is spherical granular, grain size is from 10 to 60 mesh. It is suited to twin-wire, tandem and multi-wire welding at high speeds, the welding speed is more than 120cm/min. It is particularly useful for welding tube-web-tube joints of finned tubes. It has excellent welding technology properties. Regularly shaped welds are deposited without reduction of area or interface notches. Slag detachability is good, welding blowholes scarcely occur. The special production method ensures that the flux has low moisture pick-up and granular stability. Flux shall be capable of meeting the applied requirements. As the bulk density is low, so is the consumption rate.

Flat butt and fillet welding of Q345 for steel frames, bridges, spiral pipes, pressure vessel, shipbuilding and ship repair.

It is suited to welding steel plate of less than 10mm. Slag is easy to remove, bead appearance is beautiful, welding defects such as pits and blowholes scarcely occur in high speed fillet welding.