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2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode Used In Induction Heating Equipment

Jun 16, 2017

2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode used in induction heating equipment

Posted: 2017-02-21 16:24:15

 Abstract: With the progress of technology and product maturity, induction heating equipment used more and more occasions.For example, commercial induction cooker, injection molding machine barrel heating, industrial smelting metal, the workpiece surface heat treatment, etc. ... induction heating equipment power More and more from the early three-phase 12KW, 15KW, 20KW, to the current 30KW, 60KW, 120KW ... induction heating equipment market prospects. Film capacitors as one of the key components of induction heating equipment, its reliability and stability In the equipment occupies an important position.This paper introduces a new aluminum shell with cooling structure of 2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode, used in induction heating equipment, greatly simplifies the equipment installation process, so that the movement can be fully sealed jobs.

    2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode Keywords: aluminum shell heat dissipation, fully sealed structure, 2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode, induction heating equipment

    1 Introduction:

    Induction heating technology, early application in the home induction cooker.Then with the efficient, energy saving and environmental protection advantages more and more significant, coupled with product technology is mature and stable use, induction heating technology gradually began to industrial development from the early single-phase 2KW, to the current three-phase 100KW and above, in a few short years, the development of induction heating technology and product applications have a qualitative leap. With the internal power components (such as rectifier bridge, IGBT Modules, film capacitors, etc.) increasingly demanding, its reliability and stability of the equipment determines the safety and life.

    2, 2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode the typical induction heating device movement internal structure

    Induction heating equipment circuit structure is divided into two kinds of products from the market point of view, 30KW within the use of half-bridge .30KW above is full of bridge to half-bridge 30KW movement, the use of film capacitors are as follows:

    DC-LINK: 30-40μF (800VDC), the use of multiple discrete capacitors in parallel (3-13)

    2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode High voltage resonance: single arm 1.2-1.4μF (1600VDC), the use of multiple discrete capacitors in parallel (3-14)

    Or single arm 0.7-0.8μF (3000VDC), using a number of discrete capacitors in parallel (3-12)

    From the typical movement of the internal structure of view, the structure of the following problems:

    1 circuit main circuit using PCB connection, when the movement of the greater power, the input rectifier bridge before the main AC circuit, rectifier bridge output after the DC bus main circuit, LC resonant output main circuit current is greater.For PCB copper can provide Sufficient over-current capacity and reduce the copper foil temperature, you must increase the PCB size, increase the main circuit copper foil width, increase the thickness of PCB copper foil, will eventually lead to PCB expensive, increasing the overall cost of the movement.