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2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode Selection Based On What?

Jul 10, 2017

2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode selection based on what?

Choice of steel chemical composition, mechanical performance, crack resistance requirements, considering the welding structure, the thickness of the steel plate, working conditions, strength, comprehensive analysis of the welding performance and other factors on the basis of the electrode. If necessary, do welding tests, develop corresponding technical measures, and then determine the electrode selection.

___________ 253 ma of 2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode are used for the corresponding strength grade of the stainless steel rods, plates, stiffness, dynamic load, and poor weldability, considering the complex structures, commonly used in good plasticity, impact toughness and crack resistance of good low hydrogen type of 2.5 MM to 2.5 MM carbon steel electrode. Welding position with special requirements, using appropriate special electrodes, such as vertical down 2.5mm - 5.0mm carbon steel electrode, welding, etc. It can be used to improve welding efficiency 253 mah electrode.

This weld cooling speed, strength increase, the weld cracks easily, and then you can use less than base metal electrode strength, commonly used in dissimilar between low carbon steel and low alloy steel welding and the intensity of the corresponding low carbon steel 2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode, low alloy steel factors to consider, in order to choose the low hydrogen type is appropriate.

Welding of carbon steel, high carbon steel, increasing the tendency of weld cracking, generally used in low-hydrogen 2.5mm-5.0mm carbon steel electrode, using preheating, slow cooling method, such as welding process and other measures.

The welding property of the steel is poor, the general carbon content is higher, the workpiece is heavy, the structure is complex, the welding crack is easy to weld, when the alloy element in steel, for a long time, it is more outstanding. Generally used in the low hydrogen type 2.5mm-5.0mm carbon steel electrode, and adopt preheating, slow cooling method, such as welding and corresponding measures.

In order to ensure the quality of welding, the welding parts should be cleaned, not allowed to have oil, rust, moisture, paint and dirt, etc. The use of low hydrogen 2.5mm - 5.0mm carbon steel electrode is particularly important.

Pictures of low hydrogen 2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode, 2.5MM-5.0MM Carbon Steel Electrode should be around 350 ℃ for 1 h, with drying is used, or easy to produce porosity, slag inclusion, defects such as cracks. The cellulose 2.5mm - 5.0mm carbon steel electrode is generally not needed to be baked, such as wet, before welding according to the specified high temperature baking instructions, but too high temperature can damage the welding property of the electrode.

As the reference value of the welding current is specified in the specification, the actual operation should be specific, such as preheating of the workpiece, 5% to 15% of normal current; The welding current of welding welding of vertical and top welding is 10% to 15% below the level of the welding current, and AC - DC is a comparable reduction of about 10%. When using dc welder, pay attention to the supplied instructions for welding and welding process.