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2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire Before Drying And Storage

Aug 01, 2017

2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire before drying and storage
 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire manufacturers before the use of drying and preservation of the relevant information, please look down to see these things:
   First, the alkaline wire is not sensitive to moisture, 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire and inorganic rutile wire can promise a higher water content. 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire prices because of the fine according to the situation, in the 70-150 ° drying time, storage time is short and packaging concessions, generally do not use before drying.
   Second, the acid low hydrogen type welding wire must be dried before use to increase the hydrogen content of wire to prevent bridge holes, cracks and other shortcomings, the general drying measurement of 350 ° C, one hour. Not into the 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire in the high temperature furnace suddenly put or suddenly frozen, so that the skin dry. Hydrogen content has a special request, drying measurement should be improved to 400-500 ° C, one to the amount of time. The drying of the acidic wire is best placed in another measure of indulgence in the 50-100 ° C high temperature drying box stored, and with the use of the take.
   Third, drying 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire manufacturers products, each layer of welding wire is not stacked too stacked too thick (generally 1-3 layers) so that when the welding wire drying uneven heat and water is not easy to clean.
   Fourth, outdoor operation, overnight must be 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire manufacturers to properly store products, do not allow outdoor storage, should be stored in the high temperature box, or the next day before use must be re-dried. Wear-resistant wire welding components in the theoretical use to play a variety of forces, welding seam design must be considered to arrive at the necessary mechanical performance indicators, welding must receive all kinds of echoes to arrive at such a request, such as Select the appropriate welding method, the combination of wear-resistant welding wire, cut the welding process specifications and the rest should be received.
2.0MM-5.0MM submerged arc welding powder is alkaline, rutile, titanic acid type, different color of the skin is not the same, alkaline for DC welding, rutile and titanic acid for AC and DC.
2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire manufacturers do not have much good or bad, because they are in line with national standards.
2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire manufacturers mainly produce: all kinds of welding electrodes, all kinds of welding wire, all kinds of flux three categories, a total of 311 varieties, 2009 annual sales of 170,000 tons, our company currently has 14 welding materials production line.
The main products: carbon steel electrode, surfacing wear electrode, 2.0MM-5.0MM Submerged ARC Welding Wire, nickel-based alloy electrode, cast iron electrode, cobalt-based electrode, silver electrode, silver wire, silver solder, tungsten carbide welding Casting tungsten carbide electrode, copper electrode, copper wire, heat-resistant steel electrode, low temperature steel electrode, waterproof electrode special electrode, valve surfacing electrode, mace rod YD alloy electrode, Fe-05 wear-resistant alloy powder, Welding wire, surfacing welding wire, stainless steel wire, nickel-based alloy wire, cobalt-based alloy wire, copper wire, heat-resistant steel wire, flux (powder).
It is widely used in power station boilers, pressure vessels, nuclear industry, aerospace, bridges, ships, vehicles, petroleum, chemical, hydropower, thermal power, metallurgy, high-rise buildings, Heavy machinery and equipment and offshore drilling platform and other important projects, such as the world famous Yangtze River Three Gorges Project, the Yellow River Xiaolangdi project, Daya Bay Lingao nuclear power plant, Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, Tianwan Nuclear Power Station, West-East and other projects.