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1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire Welding Process And Problems Encountered

Oct 12, 2017

1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire welding process there are many ways to learn, today 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire manufacturers to introduce the surfacing, surfacing is the surface or edge of the workpiece welding A layer of wear, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and other properties of the metal layer welding process. Surfacing to improve the service life of parts, the rational use of materials, improve product performance, reduce costs have significant economic benefits. Different parts and welding electrodes to use a different surfacing process, in order to obtain a satisfactory surfacing effect. The most common problem encountered in surfacing is cracking, the main method of preventing cracking is to preheat before welding, to control the inter-layer temperature, and to cool slowly after welding. After welding to eliminate stress heat treatment. To avoid multi-layer surfacing, the use of low-hydrogen surfacing electrode. If necessary, the surfacing layer and the base material between the surfacing transition layer.
At present in the field of industrial production, the technical requirements for surfacing and operation of workers is very high, in practice not only to avoid cracking, and after welding the workpiece hardness, strength and surface smoothness, etc. to meet the national requirements, This requires companies to have a good surfacing equipment, so as to maximize the quality of welding after welding.
1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire production process is very good, with many years of history, in the welding process has the following aspects of the role:
1. Improve the stability of the arc combustion. No light of the welding electrode is not easy to ignite the arc. Even if the ignition can not be stable burning. In the electrode coating, usually containing potassium, sodium, calcium and other low ionization potential of the material, which can improve the stability of the arc to ensure that the welding process continues.
2, protection 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire welding pool. During the welding process, oxygen, nitrogen and water vapor in the air are immersed in the weld, which can adversely affect the weld. Not only the formation of pores, but also reduce the mechanical properties of the weld, and even lead to cracks. While the electrode coating melted, the resulting large amount of gas enveloped the arc and molten pool, will reduce the melting of metal and air interaction. 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire When the weld is cooled, the melted skin forms a slag, covering the surface of the weld, protecting the weld metal and allowing it to cool slowly, reducing the possibility of generating pores.
3, to ensure 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire weld deoxidation, dephosphoric acid impurities. Although the protection of the welding process, but still inevitably a small amount of oxygen into the pool, so that metal and alloying elements oxidation, burning alloying elements, reduce the quality of the weld. Therefore, the need to add in the electrode coating reducing agent (such as manganese, silicon, titanium, aluminum, etc.), so that has entered the molten pool of the oxide reduction.
4, for the weld to add alloying elements. Due to the high temperature of the arc, the alloying elements of the weld metal are burned and burned to reduce the mechanical properties of the weld. Therefore, it is necessary to add appropriate alloying elements to the weld through the coating to compensate for the burning of the alloying elements to ensure or improve the mechanical properties of the 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire weld. For some of the alloy steel welding, but also need to penetrate the alloy through the coating to the weld, so that the metal can be welded with the base metal metal components close to the mechanical properties to catch up even more than the base metal.
In the current production and life, are in a large number of the use of steel products, and in order to make ordinary steel we need finished products, the most common process is welding. With the continuous progress of science and technology, welding process is also continuous progress, stainless steel 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire can be said that welding technology is the development of a new product.
When using stainless steel 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire, there are two main ways of welding, one called inert gas shielded welding and the other called submerged arc welding. Then the two welding methods can be said that its characteristics are different, and the current use of more welding is the inert gas shielded welding. Even so, we choose the welding method, but also according to the actual situation to choose the appropriate welding method.
The use of stainless steel 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire not only can improve the efficiency, the key is in high-tech welding technology, welding interface can be more beautiful appearance in front of us.