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1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire Several Major Advantages

Jul 01, 2017

1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire several major advantages
1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire is a commonly used material, it has been widely used to a lot of work occasions, can play a very good use of the effect, then we know what the advantages of it, 1.2mm -3.2mm TIG welding wire manufacturers to tell you, 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire size is relatively small, and the weight is also light, so you can easily transport, reducing the cost of the manufacturers, it is used when the move is also very Convenient, and the construction is simple, but also save material, can reduce the burden on staff, and the construction period is particularly short, 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire adaptability is also very strong, it can work in many working conditions, To very good use of the effect, this material is also very durable, long service life, can be used for a long time, pictorial machine manufacturers to tell you, 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire price is very reasonable, it will not Some of the other materials you are too much, so by a lot of customers welcome, it is a very high cost of the material, can play a significant role.
1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire manufacturers have been used in many industries, we all know that it is the main point of welding what, 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire manufacturers to tell you, gas welding used 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire is There is no drug-like metal wire, and its composition and the workpiece is basically the same, generally requires the weld and the workpiece to achieve the same strength, in the welding alloy steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, the pool is relatively easy to produce high Melting point of the stable oxide, will lead to slag in the weld, so in the welding time, you should use the appropriate flux, and oxide can form a low melting point of the slag, so that it can float pool, and in the cast iron Of the time, often there will be a lot of silicon dioxide, so usually use alkaline flux, such as sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, etc., when used, usually with 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire dipped in the end Into the pool, rubber and plastic board manufacturers to tell you that the staff in the welding 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire, we should pay attention to these points above the problem, to ensure that the work can be carried out smoothly.
Usually 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire is used for metal stamping die, cutting or cutting tools, etc. This material has advantages and disadvantages, and today we learn to learn! This material for a variety of occasions or mechanical equipment, There is a strong ability to adapt, at any time to adjust the composition and proportion of flux, according to the need to achieve the desired chemical composition of the weld. Generous appearance beautiful, indicating that its process performance is very good, if the addition of a stabilizer, The performance of the arc will become more stable, the droplets in the transition is also very uniform. Melting speed is very fast, which also greatly improve the production efficiency, the other core 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire current density to meet the requirements However, although it has many advantages, it will inevitably have some shortcomings, mainly in the 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire development process is particularly complex in the welding, because it is hollow, so when the wire than the solid Of the 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire is much more difficult. The biggest drawback of the refrigerator is that its surface will rust, if the powder is more likely to absorb moisture.