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1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire For All Types Of Equipment And Parts Repair

Aug 21, 2017

1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire for all types of equipment and parts repair

 The steel industry with 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire, gas protection stacking series 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire, self-protection arc welding series 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire, with the corresponding flux submerged arc Welding series 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire. 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire can improve production efficiency and loss

1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire can improve the production efficiency, loss is small, has been rapid development.

Self-protection 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire in the mining, metallurgy, chemical, building materials and other industries have gradually replaced the wear-resistant electrode as welding materials. Among them, Fe-Cr-C alloy 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire has excellent performance, low cost and is widely used, especially under low stress abrasion wear performance is higher. But in more severe conditions, its wear resistance often can not meet the actual needs of the project. The results show that the formation of hard phase by adding a certain amount of alloying elements to the 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire can significantly improve the microstructure and properties of the surfacing layer, which is an effective way to improve the wear resistance of the surfacing layer Methods. Common alloying elements are niobium (Nb), boron (B), tungsten (W), vanadium (V), molybdenum (Mo) and titanium (Ti), mainly in the surfacing layer to form carbide and boride as Hard phase. Which Nb hard phase hardness of up to 2 300 ~ 2400HV, can effectively improve the wear resistance of the surfacing layer, while the Nb element also has refined grain, improve the high temperature oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, reduce the toughness of steel Change the temperature and so on. But Nb resources are limited and the price is high, limiting its wide range of promotion and use. In contrast, B is rich in resources, relatively low cost, but also has good thermal stability and radiation resistance, can be used as 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire alloy elements. Therefore, on the basis of Fe-Cr-C 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire, a certain amount of Nb element and B element were added to the 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire composition, and the abrasion resistance was observed by abrasive wear test. Combined with hardness measurement, chemical composition analysis, metallographic analysis of the impact of the mechanism, with a view to 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire to provide the basis for the development of reference results.

With the application of wear-resistant surfacing technology continues to expand, the corresponding wear-resistant surfacing materials have also made rapid development, its development trend is along the high efficiency, high performance and low cost direction. At present, wear-resistant surfacing material development methods are mainly three: surfacing electrode, 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire, surfacing solid wire. 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire in the process of welding arc stability, splash small, high melting efficiency, weld appearance and continuous welding. And welding electrodes and surfacing solid wire compared with the production is more efficient, low cost, easy adjustment of the advantages of the advantages of the core and welcomed by the people, 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire in the welding material in the proportion of Is growing year by year.

According to whether the welding seam to protect the weld, 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire can be divided into two types of submerged arc and arc. Submerged arc 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire is used in the protection of flux under the welding, the surfacing current, high melting efficiency, weld appearance, good working conditions, but the heat input, weld dilution rate Large and after the need for cleaning residue. Mainly used for surfacing large volume parts of the wear-resistant layer, such as large diameter roll, grinding roller and so on. Ming arc 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire according to the protection method is divided into two kinds of gas protection and self-protection. Gas protection 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire easy to develop, but the need for gas welding equipment, welding costs are high, the current rarely used. Self-protection 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire without additional protective gas, low cost and strong resistance to external interference, is now gradually promote the application. Which since the protection of the arc without slag wear 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire after welding without slag, continuous multi-layer multi-channel welding, easy to achieve automated production and seam tracking, significantly improve production efficiency and save a lot of manpower, Material resources, has become the current 1.2mm-3.2mm TIG Welding Wire development of the main object.