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Welding of sulfur and sulfide corrosion

Mar 09, 2017

In the oil and chemical industry, a large number of corrosion is due to sulfur and sulfide caused, especially hydrogen sulfide, the strongest corrosive. There are two main types of sulfur and sulfide corrosion steel: one is Cr-Mo steel, which is widely used both at home and abroad. The other is China's aluminum steel developed according to domestic resources.

Low alloy Cr-Mo steel is mainly used for oil pipeline and crude oil distillation equipment. And the working conditions are even worse, you need high alloy Cr-Ni steel, such as gasoline refining equipment. Aluminum and chromium can also form a dense passivation film on the surface of steel, aluminum can be achieved with the same corrosion resistance of chromium, steel, the higher the amount of aluminum, the better the corrosion resistance. Aluminum corrosion-resistant steel is aluminum as the main alloying elements.