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Welding of copper and steel

Mar 09, 2017

Method one: gas welding, plus purple copper wire.

Method two: with TIG welding, plus copper wire.

Method three: with J507 electrode, wrapped around Φ1.25 pure copper wire (if the enameled wire must be clean), before welding by 350 ℃ baking 2h, down to 100 ℃ with the use of with the take. Welding the workpiece before cleaning, with oxygen acetylene flame preheating, preheating temperature of 650 ~ 700 ℃, the welding process should maintain this temperature. Electrode selection Φ3.2mm, the current selection of the upper limit, the welding speed of 5 ~ 225px / min, DC reverse welding method.

In order to ensure penetration, the arc in the side of the copper plate to stay a little longer time, the use of arc blowing force so that copper and steel fully mixed. According to the thickness of the plate to determine the degree of density of the winding, the general spacing of 2 ~ 3mm, copper wire and the jaws and jaws can not be in contact.

By principle, copper and most metals are infinitely miscible. Welding with copper or brass wire can be used. To copper welding, for example, because the copper heat faster, if your copper plate thicker, then the copper should be preheated to 200 to 300 degrees, using gas welding or welding can be welded

Since the melting point of the steel plate is nearly 500 degrees higher than that of the copper, the arc is first to the side of the steel plate, so that the arc heat is biased towards the steel plate. After the molten steel is formed on the side of the steel plate, the arc is tilted slightly toward the copper side Send wire can be.