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I combined with years of experience, for and tungsten copper alloy plating recommendations are as follows:

Mar 09, 2017

1. Tungsten copper plating before cleaning, the use of ultrasonic + neutral cleaning solution, the surface of the tungsten copper oxide, grease and other dirty material to clean and strengthen the surface of tungsten copper attached. Cleaning agent to avoid strong acid and alkali substances.

2. Cleaning and plating process can not be separated for too long, that is, immediately after cleaning plating.

3. Electroplating before the proposed electroplating process according to the existing electroplating process electroplating samples, after plating the tungsten copper placed in a vacuum furnace 800 ° insulation 20 minutes for aging test. If the roasted tungsten copper does not appear after the bubble, discoloration, and other bad, indicating that the plating process is no problem, according to this process for the next step tungsten copper plating, if bubbles and other issues, please consult with the electroplating manufacturers plating process problems.