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Electrode for tungsten and copper

Mar 09, 2017

The use of tungsten copper alloy as the electrode can not only make the processing of mold and parts of high precision, the electrode loss is small, high processing efficiency, and one can complete the product roughing and finishing. With the increasing precision of the mold and the increasing use of many difficult materials, tungsten and copper materials as the amount of EDM electrode is also increasing. At present, the tungsten-copper electrode material for EDM has become one of the main applications of tungsten and copper materials. With statistics, Japan 1994 electrode with tungsten copper has reached 19.6t, equivalent to the total consumption of tungsten copper alloy 74.5t 1/4 strong. In order to make tungsten copper alloy to meet the high conductivity, can effectively erode the metal, with a small self-loss, easy processing and molding characteristics