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Copper and aluminum welding

Mar 09, 2017

Welding Characteristics of Aluminum and Copper

Aluminum and copper can be welded, welded and brazed, of which the most used welding.

The main difficulty in welding is that the melting point of aluminum and copper is very different (up to 423 ° C), and it is difficult to melt at the same time. High temperature aluminum strong oxidation, welding need to prevent oxidation measures and remove the molten pool in the oxide. Aluminum and copper in the liquid infinite miscible, limited in solid solution. Aluminum and copper can form a variety of intermetallic compounds consisting mainly of solid solution phase, including AlCu2, Al2Cu3, AlCu, Al2Cu and so on. When the copper content in the aluminum-copper alloy is less than 12% to 13% (mass fraction), the overall performance is the best, so the welding should try to control the copper content of the weld metal aluminum-copper alloy does not exceed this range, Aluminum alloy.

Aluminum and copper are plastic very good metal, so the two are suitable for welding with pressure welding, especially cold welding, friction welding, diffusion welding and so on.