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Agglomerated Submerged Arc Welding Flux Made in China Sj101/301/501

Oct 09, 2017

Agglomerated Submerged Arc Welding Flux Made in China Sj101/301/501 Product Detail


  • state:Solid

  • pH:Alkaline

  • Type:Inorganic

  • Melting Point:>600℃

  • Chemical Composition:SiO?>30%

  • Function:Fit for The Submerge-Arc Welding of Low-Carbon St

  • Application:Submerged-arc Welding

  • Manufacturing Method:Smelting

  • Mesh:10-40:Basicity:1.0-1.1

  • Transport Package:25kgs Bag

  • Specification:size: 10-45/10-60 mesh

Agglomerated Submerged Arc Welding Flux Made in China Sj101/301/501 Description:
SJ101 is an agglomerated fluoride-basic type flux. It is gray and round grain,mesh 10-60. it can be operated with AC and DC. ,the welding electric current can up to 1200A.It has excellent weldability, the welding bead appearance is beautiful and the slag is easy to remove. The diffusible hydrogen content in deposited metal is less than 5ml/100g,so it has very good toughness at low temperature,therefore,crack resistance is extremely high. It is suitable for submerged arc twin-wire,tandom and multi-wire welding as well as for welding with the two-run technique.
It should be re-dried under 300-350oC for 2 hours. Rust,grease and moisture on the weldment should be removed before welding.
It can be applied to different welding wires(such as H08MnA,H10mN2,H10MnSi,H08Mn2MoA,H08Mn2SiA etc.) It is fit for welding of low-carbon steel and low alloy steel. Such as oil storage tanks,pipeline steel,ships,bridges,pressure vessels,penstocks,boilers and H-beam structural steels.