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Agglomerated Flux

Sep 26, 2018

Product Detail

WD-8600 is an agglomerated aluminum-basic type soldering flux for submerged arc welding with a basicity index of BIIW 1.1-1.3. The flux is taup or charcoal grey spherical granular, grain size is from 10 to 60 mesh. When direct current weld the wire, it meets the positive electrode. WD-8600 can be welded with AC or DC at up to 1000A. Electric arc stability, forming artistically, it has an excellent slag detachability. The weld metal is pure. It has high impact toughness. The flux has low moisture pick-up granular stability. As the bulk density is low, its consumption rate is few. If it coordinates the suitable welding wire, it can be welded a variety of low-alloy steel wire structure. When it welds the boiler cooling wall, its welding speed may reach above 70mh/h, especially suitable high speed welding thin steel plate, narrow groove of thick plate and narrow-gap structure.

Welding of the boilder firm type water cool wall, high-speed flat and horizontal fillet.